LIQFRIC @ TechFounders Batch #15

On May 19, 2022, after two years of online and hybrid events, TechFounders Demo Day returned to on-site format in the heart of Munich. The event brought together investors, start-ups, local and global industry players, and members of the UnternehmerTUM ecosystem to celebrate the highlight event of the TechFounders accelerator program which took place for the 15th time. 

Twice a year TechFounders, an international start-up accelerator by UnternehmerTUM, selects the most promising start-ups across the world for their 20-week program and brings them together with established companies, investors, and industry experts. Collaborating with start-ups ensures that companies stay at the forefront of their industries and find more sustainable, future-fitting alternatives to their existing products and processes. Start-ups on the other hand get a valuable opportunity to test and improve their products, increase their credibility and potentially win over new clients.

Dr. Roman Milczarek presents LIQFRIC technolgy

 TechFounders Batch #15 - Best of Demo Day (Trailer)

TechFounders is a 20-week tech-startup accelerator program that strategically coaches startups, brings them together with established businesses, and prepares them for the next venture capital round with a broad mentoring network.

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